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In this article I will talk about the PS app for Android currently being developed by RainFountain and others (thread here). I hope that I did this right cos I haven't submitted an idea before haha. I just included a basic outline of what I was thinking about writing.

Intro / History of the app
I have asked RainFountain (who is the project manager apparently) if they would be willing to answer questions in an interview and they were fine with it, so here I will write about how there was a lack of mobile apps for PS, how they got the idea, how they started, where the other developers (such as TeTon) came from and how they got involved.

App Development Progress + Features
Initial version: In July 2014, RainFountain posted this thread with photos showcasing the initial features. Although it wasn't a version available to the public, in its early stages the features were limited to adding EVs to Pokemon, seeing stats of your Pokemon in battle, and the planned layout for seeing the main links (teambuilder, replays, chat, battle). This thread also reached out to any aspiring developers who wanted to join the project, and this is where TeTon and Lazloz (pretty sure) joined the project.

Alpha version: features of the first version will be put here.

Beta version: can include pictures from the thread here, as well as any known bugs and features that have been changed from previous versions. I can also include quotes from people who have used the app and what they think of it.

How to Install
Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, the app got removed from the Play Store due to copyright issues, but it can still be downloaded via a link in the beta version thread.

RainFountain said that they're planning on releasing a new version in a couple weeks, so probably some blurb about that here, and how maybe someone will be inspired by this and create an iOS app ;)


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Thing about this is that I don't believe PS endorses the app. I was asked to remove a notice about it from Showdown's Facebook page a couple of months ago.

Zarel will know more about this than I.
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